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Have you got a squad of fabulous bridesmaids who bridesmaids who have zero time for dress shopping marathons (let-alone all at the same time); you want stunning looks minus the stress and designer price tag, and you have your eye on the trending mismatched look? Keep reading. We're about to dive into the magical world of dress rental, where glam meets convenience in the most fabulous way. Here's why we're seriously on board:

Less Cash, More Flash

So, you want those red-carpet dresses but not the yikes-worthy $$$$$ that they cost, right? Especially if you're navigating the upper-lip sweat inducing "who's going to pay" convo... Dress rental stores are your VIP pass to high-end labels without the price tag trauma. It's like raiding your best friend's closet, but with a stylish twist. You'll strut down the aisle, and the budget won't even flinch.

It's Giving Sustainable

Green gal alert: Dress rental is suchhh an easy way to bring down your enviro impact on the day. Let's face it, wearing a dress once is so last season, and honestly your bridesmaids are in that many photos on the wedding day, they probably wont want to wear the dress again any time soon!

The Spice of Life

That's right, it's that all important variety. Dragging yourselves up and down the high street, through the shopping centre or around the city is a HUGE drainer on energy, time and the will to live. Having a tonne of brands, styles, colours and selections from across seasons is such a big perk of the rental boutique.

Get inspired by these stunners (all photos from Pinterest):

Mismatched Magic: Tips to Rock the Trend

Ever noticed how mismatched bridesmaids are the ultimate wedding Insta-worthy trend? Here's how to nail it:

1. Pick a Palette, Any Palette

Imagine your bridesmaids rocking a colour palette that's in sync with your wedding vibe. Go for tones that play nice together – blush, peach, and those dreamy dusty blues... or gold, champagne and beige. It's like creating a Pinterest board that's walking down the aisle.

2. Texture Tango

Mixing textures is the secret ingredient to mismatched perfection. Picture lace mingling with sequins or chiffon doing the tango with silk. It's like a visual dance party that'll have everyone talking! Especially if you're going for a monochrome palette such as blacks or greens, mixing up the textures will have a really high-end effect.

3. Curate the Cuts

Playing with different dress cuts really allows for a perfect intentional mixed look. This approach also means all of your gals can feel their most confident and sexy self. While someone might absolutely slay a one-shoulder, a spaghetti strap might look best on another. Nothing, NOTHING looks more chic that when everyone looks their very best. We're putting the trope that brides make their bridesmaids look a bit less-good than them in the BIN. Let's champion 11/10 looks for all of them. It's like having your bridesmaids star in their own fashion show.

The best way to achieve this is to find a local rental store who allows in-store try-ons. If you can't find this, chat with owners about hosting a try on session and only paying for the dresses you choose.


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