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Who needs another traditional guest book gathering dust on the shelf? You might find that if you put out a plain book and invite people to fill in the pages you're going to get a whole lot of this:

Let's inject some fun and modern flair into your wedding keepsakes! Say goodbye to the old-school and hello to these cool alternatives.

1. Audio Adventures: Swap out the pen and paper for a vintage phone or microphone! Let your guests leave heartfelt voicemails or short recordings. Imagine hearing their laughter and well-wishes whenever you dial in. Cue the nostalgia!

My fave is Off the Hook - if you're a client of mine, ask me to book on your behalf for a sweet discount.

2. Video Guest Interviews: So you might have booked in a videographer (or you might not have), but did you know there's an option to get interviews with your guests? That's showbiz baby. Some new kids on the block who have the Midas Touch are Mr n Mrs Social... you can rest assured this version of a guest book will not be boring.

3. Polaroid Party: Set up a Polaroid camera station. Guests can snap instant photos and add them to your guest book along with a sweet message. It's like a scrapbook in the making! Make sure the book is beautiful so that you actually want to keep it and flick through it - my fav is from The Whole Bride (use this link to get a sweet 15% discount).

4. Jenga Journals: For a game-loving couple, have your guests write messages on Jenga blocks. When you play the game in the future, each block brings back all the good vibes and memories!

5. Message on a Bottle: Place wine bottles with blank labels on tables in-front of guests - we recommend corked bottles so that pesky guests can't crack into the vino. Have your MC announce that these are for signing. For extra magic, have each bottle act as a table number, with the bottle on table one being opened on your first year anniversary, etc. Enjoy the memories of each table at each anniversary - CUTE.

6. Adventure Map: Are you globetrotters at heart? Have a world map where guests mark spots they recommend for your future adventures. Bon voyage!

7. Recipe Book: Foodies unite! Guests share their favorite recipes, creating a cookbook full of culinary love.

8. Photo Book: if you took STUNNNNNER engagement pics, why not use these for a photo book with plenty of blank white space. Rather than having your guests fill in empty pages, allow them to flick through your engagement pics and write some notes while they're there. For snooze-free notes, include some prompts on each page such as "my favourite memory with C & J is....." or "my best marriage advice is..."

Ready to take your guest book from yawn to yeah!? Explore these creative ideas and pick the one that suits your personalities. Your wedding memories deserve something as awesome as you two!


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