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Do you believe that you deserve to have an incredible wedding day?

Are you looking for the support of fun and imaginative problem solvers?

Do you believe that your friends and family shouldn't have to work on your wedding day?

YES. YES + YES? Let's do it! 

Will you enjoy your wedding day if you're also running the show? If you're answering questions and keeping everyone to time and directing guests and knowing who should be where, when?

If you've already planned the hell out of your dream day, you deserve to enjoy EVERY SINGLE SECOND, and the lead-up should be your time in the sun, to feel like a celeb in your world, with a personal assistant to match.

When you hire us for wedding coordination, you palm off the boring bits and leave your meticulous wedding plans in the safest of hands. Hands that are wedding experts, holding more wedding experience in each finger than you have in your life! Hands that won't start shaking if shit hits the fan, because they've seen it before. Hands that will get the blisters and the email typing RSI so that you can get yours manicured.

Wedding Coordination always includes...

  • A huge reduction in stress, knowing you've got a pro in your corner, ready to bat for you and give advice and support in the lead-up to your wedding

  • Zoom meetings to figure out the best run sheet, floor plan and key moments for your wedding

  • A venue visit to make sure we know EXACTLY how you want it, and our two cents on how to make sure everything is in the right places

  • Google sheets set up for you so that you can keep track of all your key info, and we can share what's necessary with your vendors (type A brides rejoice, non type A brides vendors rejoice)

  • A big handball of all the vendor communications from 6 weeks out 

  • A problem solving master-mind, ready to tackle even the hairiest dilemmas before you even know they exist (one time we found a caterer for a NYE wedding with less than 24 hours notice - you do NOT want that stress before your wedding).

"Engaging CelebrAIT's services to be our on-the-day coordinator was the best decision we made for our wedding."

- Jocelyn, Bride at Coombe Yarra Valley



​Great question. Let's dive into it.

Here's the low-down:

  • Professional Wedding Coordination workbook

  • Professional wedding coordinator assigned to you 8 weeks out from your wedding (or two if you have a DIY wedding with over 100 guests)

  • 1 x initial consultation and 2 x 1 hour consultations in the lead-up to your wedding (or 3 if you've got a DIY venue)

  • 1 x venue visit (or 2 if DIY)

  • Coordination with all vendors from 6 weeks out to ensure a seamless flow of events

  • Management of the ceremony and reception timing, guests and vendors, including seating arrangements and management of the timeline

  • On-site management on the day of the wedding to make sure your plans are reflected to precision and to handle any issues that may arise up until the last of the formalities on the day (with the option to extend)

  • Assistance with any last-minute details that need to be taken care of


First step is to book in a 30 mintue consultation. This grants you access to every corner of our wedding expertise plus a look at our TOP NOTCH wedding coordination work-book, which we'll use to start working through where you're at in the process. Your initial consultation will be a phone call which can be booked in after you submit an enquiry form (we won't waste your time if we're fully booked up on your date, but we will make sure you get top-notch recommendations for other options - we've got lots of pals in the industry). 


Following this chat, you'll receive a quote for your review and the option to lock in coordination via payment of a deposit. This will come with Terms & Conditions so that everything is laid out, clear as day, and there's no confusion around the bang you're getting for your buck. Once you pay the deposit, your date is secured in our calendar and we're officially a proud member of your Wedding Dream Team. 


As part of the coordination package, you receive two additional 1 hour consultations. You can book these in whenever you like, but we recommend that around the 8 weeks (or at least 6 weeks) and 4 weeks out marks work best. The extra one is for those of you with a DIY venue... there's a little more to it when we're running the show. We can discuss anything and everything during these conversations. A few topics I recommend are: vendor recommendations if you need any; diving into the flow and detail of your run sheet and ensuring that your priorities are reflected in the way your day is structured; running through all of your vendors and discussing any questions you might have for them; empowering you to make decisions that reflect your values and make sure your wedding day is YOURS; recommendations around different ways to do things to ensure your day is uniquely you; HEAPS MORE. Weddings are our passion. We're WEDnerds and live and breathe new ideas, latest trends, the best businesses to work with and more.


Your coordinator will accompany you to your wedding venue for your final visit before the big day to make 100% sure we're all on the very same page, and there's no confusion around who's doing what and when. We love working with venues to make sure everything goes smoothly and your wedding is being coordinated and hosted by a united team. If you've got a DIY venue, we'll do an extra visit a little earlier to make sure everything is taken care of and so that we can communicate well with other vendors about what will be happening where!


At the 6-weeks-out-from-wedding-day mark, it's The Big Palm Off. That is, we'll reach out to each of your vendors letting them know that all admin/logistics questions are to come straight to your Personal Wedding Assistant and you're not to be bothered with such nonsense. Your vendors will receive the full list of vendors, your run sheet and all other relevant information, and we'll get the info we need from them, too. Honestly it's a lot of back and forth and it just doesn't fit in with your wedding prep schedule which is all about R&R, glam time, and perhaps (though hopefully not) managing family members.


When it comes to wedding day, we're all yours. We take on all vendor coordination and are your representatives on the day. Making sure all of your wishes are respected and adhered to, and all fires are fought (ideally) without your knowledge. We help set up the styling you've created and make sure that the only people you're talking to are the ones you love. Generally what works best is for your coordinator to arrive at the same time as the first vendors (usually a florist or caterer) and then finish up upon conclusion of the "formalities". Once the wedding kicks off, we're welcoming, directing and supervising guests, managing any last minute changes you require and generally being your b*tch, at your beck and call, grabbing you a drink, making sure you eat, keeping things tidy, and generally loving every minute almost as much as you.


If you need someone to stick around and help pack down the venue, that's cool too - there will be a small additional fee to cover that service, and the Spotify premium playlist required to keep us bopping and awake the whole way home after a big day on the tools. Long-distance travel, collection and return of hire items and additional consultations also come at a small additional fee.

If your venue comes with a top-notch team of venue staff, and the coordination stops once you've walked down the aisle, that's cool too, we'll hit the road and your quote will reflect this reduction in responsibility accordingly. 

We know that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and we want to ensure that it's perfect. With our wedding coordination service, you can relax and enjoy your special day, knowing that every detail is taken care of. You deserve the day of your dreams, and to feel like the most important people in the world in the lead-up and on the day. We make sure of that.​


It's important you read this section carefully so we're on the same page.

  • Additional consultations before 8 weeks prior to the wedding: if you would like guidance, support and extra fun in planning your wedding, we've got the perfect solution for you, WEDDING CONSULTING: ENQUIRE HERE! 

  • Styling, invitation, stationery or signage design: if you'd like this service, we've got great recommendations for the best of the best!

  • Food service and clearing: that's what catering teams are for! Of course if we find we've got a spare minute or two we're always happy to step in, but please don't rely on us for this service, as it falls outside of the coordination parameters

  • Rubbish collection and disposal: again, we're not dicks, we won't walk past rubbish on the ground, but we will be too busy to completely clear and dispose of all rubbish as again, this falls outside of the coordination role

  • Collection or return of hire items from your suppliers unless otherwise indicated in your invoice

  • Collecting items from you in advance of the wedding unless otherwise indicated

  • Handling of any payments to vendors on your behalf

  • Handling of your wishing well at the end of the night (this job should be allocated to family)

  • Performing first-aid in the event of an incident

  • Responsibility for the safety of your private property, beyond the reasonable review of details and advice given


from $3,600

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