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When I first met these two, back in Feb 2022, they told me about their vision for their wedding and the help they were looking for. There was a LOT to do, planning, styling and coordinating this wedding… a lot of vendors to be found, a lot of styling dreams to be brought to life, and a lot of kms to be driven (with the wedding being in Rutherglen). The result of all of this was an absolutely unforgettable and incredible day, made possible by a lot of hard work and an absolute team of vendors.

The venue, Olive Hills Estate, was the perfect setting for this romantic celebration. The stunning views of the rolling hills and picturesque vineyards provided a breathtaking backdrop for Tyla and Johnny's special day. The team at Ebden & Olive delivered exquisite catering, with delicious food that was beautifully presented and truly indulgent.

But it wasn't just the food that was a hit. The entertainment was off the charts, thanks to the talented Baker Boys Band. They had the dance floor packed from the moment the first note was played, and they kept the party going all night long.

Wren Florista created the most stunning floral arrangements that perfectly complemented the elegant and classic aesthetic of the wedding. Their exquisite work brought an element of beauty and grace to every corner of the venue.

Georgie James and Ellena Louise captured every moment of the day with their incredible photography and videography skills. Every shot was thoughtfully composed, capturing the essence of the day in a way that truly did it justice.

Albury Wodonga Limousines provided transport for the happy couple and their guests, ensuring that everyone arrived at the wedding in style. The service, conducted by Let's Get Married by Cara, was both moving and personal. Tyla and Johnny's love was palpable, and it was a privilege to witness their commitment to each other.

The glamping tents from Into the Woods were a huge hit with the bridal party and The Small Things Co provided beautiful candles and vases that added a touch of romance to the already stunning venue. Temple Hair Design and Samantha Huggett brought out the beauty in the bridal party with their expert hair and makeup skills, while The Whole Bride supplied the confetti that made the perfect celebratory moment. We sourced stunning textural napkins from Cloth & Confetti that added the perfect pop of colour to the reception, and lighting from Barlens and Etsy to set the mood for the evening.

Starting with mood boarding, I delighted in creating a moody, elevated style for the day. Gold, black, and white draping textures came together with a vast collection of vases and candles. The effect was breathtaking and guests were heard exclaiming as they entered.

I am so grateful to Tyla, Johnny and their families for welcoming me into their lives with such wide open arms, for trusting me with their lofty vision and most of all, for pushing me outside my comfort zone, challenging me with new ideas, pushing for the perfection required for such a celebration and being so genuinely fun to work with throughout. Sometimes people say to me “I don’t get it, why would anyone need a wedding planner, it’s not rocket science??” to which I smile, take a breath and will now list the moving pieces involved in this wedding as an example of why two working socialites might not have the capacity to take on all of the planning without support.


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